Dental X-Ray Houston, TX

Dental X-rays provide the only means for dentists like Davette Johnson-Harris, DDS, to observe the health of the internal parts of your teeth and the areas between them. Dr. Johnson-Harris offers thorough dental care at Lakewood Kids Dentistry in Houston, including X-rays, on an as-needed basis to maintain your dental well-being. If your child is due for a dental checkup or haven’t had dental X-rays in more than two years, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Why are dental X-rays essential?

For preventative dental care, dental X-rays are an essential tool. Only a small portion of your teeth is visible to the naked eye, so X-rays help Dr. Johnson-Harris to examine your teeth carefully, inside and out.

For instance, an X-ray can be helpful for Dr. Johnson-Harris to monitor the insides of your teeth to see if they show signs of disease that may be lurking under a filling. Also, if any decay is present between your teeth, Dr. Johnson-Harris can see it. X-rays remain the most efficient way to determine if you are suffering from bone loss due to gum disease.

With dental X-rays, Dr. Johnson-Harris can diagnose dental conditions and plan the placement of dental implants, orthodontic treatments, and other dental procedures.

When should I have dental X-rays taken?

With good dental health, you should only need standard bitewing dental X-rays every two to three years. Every three to five years, more comprehensive X-rays are necessary to ensure the roots of your teeth and the surrounding bone are healthy.

Children need dental X-rays more often because of their growth rate. X-rays help dentists see if children’s teeth require orthodontic intervention and whether the teeth are developing properly.

During dental X-rays, your child wears a lead blanket. They bite down on a soft plastic device that keeps their teeth still and in the correct position. The dental assistant, steps out for the mere seconds needed to take the X-ray. The process is repeated to get clear images of all your child’s teeth from several angles.

Is it safe to get dental X-rays?

Dental X-ray exams are safe for men, women, and children. X-rays do transmit a small quantity of radiation to take the scans of your teeth and bones, but this puts you at almost no risk. The amount of radiation is too small. Advances in dental technology have reduced the amount of radiation needed with every new iteration of a dental X-ray machine.

Dentists and their team typically take 10-15 X-rays a day. Although they leave the room while the image is taken, they're exposed to some radiation. Still, dental professionals do not get cancer at a higher rate than any other profession.

You can still have X-rays if you’re pregnant. Dr. Johnson-Harris shields you with a unique apron and thyroid collar as a precautionary measure.

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