About Dr. Johnson-Harris

Native Houstonian and board-certified pediatric dentist, Davette Johnson-Harris, DDS, leads the team at Lakewood Kids Dentistry in Houston. She specializes in providing expert dental care to children of all ages, including very young infants and kids with special needs and behavioral issues.

Dr. Johnson-Harris earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the University of Nebraska and completed additional training in pediatric dentistry at the University of Texas in Houston. Dr. Johnson-Harris also completed pediatric residency training, earning a certificate and master’s degree in pediatric dentistry while completing extra coursework and research projects.

Dr. Johnson-Harris entered private practice in 2009 and serves as a diplomat to the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. At Lakewood Kids Dentistry, Dr. Johnson-Harris takes a preventive approach to dental care, teaching her young patients how to take care of their teeth. Her friendly and compassionate nature helps her young patients feel confident under her care.

Dr. Johnson-Harris is actively involved in her community, working to ensure that underserved children of Northwest Houston have access to the services and resources they need. One of her projects is a literacy program to provide children with the skills they need to thrive and achieve their potential.

When she isn’t working or contributing to the community, Dr. Johnson-Harris loves spending time with her husband Marcus and daughter Grace. Dr. Johnson-Harris and her husband are also expecting a son, Marc-David.

Outside of family time, Dr. Johnson-Harris enjoys traveling, crafting, and dancing to Beyonce. She welcomes any family seeking quality pediatric dentistry in the Houston area to Lakewood Kids Dentistry.